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We have searched for the best products made by true food lovers. Would you like to try our dark chocolate with pumpkin seeds & salt or maybe you prefer it with maca & ginger?. You're looking for a special pasta, how about... organic spaghetti with spirulina?
A selection of authentic recipes with special ingredients that will surprise your palate. LET YOURSELF BE SEDUCED!

About us

Les bons produits is an online store of gourmet, organic and natural products designed to make you happy! As good foodies, we like to try new products and explore new flavors from around the world! All our products have an exclusive design and are manufactured with the utmost care. We love gastronomy, design and we have a lot of humor. That’s how Les bons produits Inc. are born, the coolest side of the pantry. A very special selection of products with a lot of personality♡


Our customized boxes

Are you on the hunt for an original, tasty and surprising gift? Well, you’re just one click away from the perfect gift with our Beautifood Box. Decide what budget you want to spend and choose the flavours of the products that we have preselected in each box. You will see how easy it is to hit so much with your family, friends or your lover!​


This box contains 1 Seaweed tea and  2 chocolates, to complete it, customize your box by choosing your favourites ones! 🙂


This box contains 1 Seaweed tea, 1 chocolate, 1 artisanal jam and  2 superfoods, to complete choose your favourite ones!


It contains 1 Seaweed tea, 3 chocolates, 3 superfoods and one organic jam, to complete this box choose your favourite ones!


It contains 3 organic chocolates, 1 organic tagliatelle, 1 dried figs, 3 superfoods, 1 seaweed tea, 1 kit veggie paella, 1 jam & 1 spread

Discover our pantry!

All our products have been made with love. What are you waiting for? go to our shop online and you will see how you find super interesting products.

Which one do you prefer?

If you want a combination that we do not show here, do not hesitate to contact us or search the products in our online store!

If you are a chocolate and tea lover, this is your box!. If you want to give it away, let us know. To complete the box, choose your favorite flavors! 🙂

For the undecided ones, we present you this irresistible kit. There are no excuses to enjoy … let yourself be led by new sensations! Choose your favourite flavours!

If you are a chocolate lover, this is your box! Choose your favourite three chocolates, your favourites three superfoods, your favourite seaweed tea & your favourite organic jam!  To complete the box, start choosing your favourites!

If what you want is a mixture full of exquisite products this is your box! This box contains a paella preparation kit (everything is included rice & broth), figs, spreads, chocolates, organic pasta, tea and superfoods! 



“Chocolate makes everything better”

choco 2


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