Today we want to share one of our favorite recipes to prepare with our lime biscuits from Paul and Pippa!

What better than a fresh, healthy, delicious and easy to prepare recipe to surprise your friends, family or simply to enjoy it yourself? Cardamom, lime and poppy ice cream is the ideal solution for these summer days; not only because its ingredients are very healthy, but also because they all stand out for their therapeutic properties.

Cardamom is known as the digestive plant par excellence. It stands out for its special aroma and is ideal for people with a lack of appetite, weakness or who want to gain weight. In addition, due to its high content of aromatic oils, it is a powerful stimulant of the nervous system. If you add lime and poppy to this species, you will see that they quickly become very good crumbs and mix together wonderfully.

The lime, on the other hand, is the citrus par excellence. It stands out for its high levels of potassium and calcium, but above all, because it is very rich in vitamin C. It is a small but powerful fruit and its diuretic properties make it ideal for preventing fluid retention; In addition, its anti-cancer, detoxifying, cleansing and restorative characteristics help strengthen our immune system and help us combat stress, skin diseases, cardiovascular and degenerative problems.

Adding the poppy seeds we get the perfect combination of the three ingredients and you manage to surprise the most demanding palates with its crunchy and aromatic touch.

If you have not yet been speechless by the characteristics of this fabulous ice cream, wait to try it with our lime cookie. The “savoir faire” of the lime gives you the security of succeeding wherever you go because it has the naturalness of a cookie.

Recipe for about 12 sandwiches

– 1 pot of Lime After Time rooster

– 1 + ½ cup of cashews soaked in water the night before

– ½ cup of water or coconut milk

– 3 tablespoons maple syrup

– Skin of 1 organic lime Juice of ½ lime

– 3 cardamom seeds without the shell

– 2 tablespoons of poppy seeds

Strain the cashews and add all the ingredients except the poppy seeds and blend well until you get a creamy texture. Adjust the amount of liquid if you see that you need a little more to blend well. At the end, you add the poppy seeds and blend for a few more seconds. Put the cream / ice cream in a bowl or mold and freeze for about two hours. Take out of the freezer a few minutes before serving. With a spoon, spread a cookie well and cover with another to form ice cream sandwiches with the lime cookies.

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