Organic coconut strips bathed with the nectar of its flower


Imagine that to the benefit of coconut you add the nectar of its flower…. sweet as caramel… Result… a flavour that will surprise you! 🙂

Appetizing 100% organic  semi-dehydrated coconut with the nectar of its flower. Rich in fiber.

This organic semi-dehydrated organic coconut it is delicious and you don’t have to peel or cut it. With Born you will get all the benefits of fresh fruit, source of energy and vitamins, rich in natural fibers and without added fats or sugars. With Born you ensure the minimum of 5 servings of fruit per day that nutrition experts recommend. They are the ideal snack for adults and children, finally a healthy snack!

BENEFITS : Coconut provides a large amount of fiber that helps regulate digestion. In addition, coconut is rich in healthy saturated fats or medium chain, it is a type of fat that helps reduce cholesterol. Coconut is a caloric fruit, provides potassium, which helps improve blood circulation, also contains vitamins B, E and K. It is a very healthy and energetic fruit.

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Know a bit more of our Organic coconut strips bathed with the nectar of its flower!

  • Our coconut Born grows in Ghana, in the palm groves operated by small local farmers. It is tender and fleshy pulp, once dehydrated it acquires a crunchy texture that makes it delicious, its sheets are large and appetizing, detail that makes it unique.
  • Ingredients: Organic coconut (80%), organic coconut nectar (80%)
  • Quantity: 70 gr
  • Packaging: plastic bag
  • Origin: Spain
  • Store in a cool and dry place.
  • Without preservatives
  • Without gluten
  • First quality
  • Excellent flavor


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