3 units of cheese pairings sauces ( figs / apple / peach )



Know a bit more of our 3 units of cheese pairings sauces ( figs / apple / peach )

Just For Cheese 3 units of cheese pairings sauces ( figs / apple / peach ) are especially created to pair with cheeses. Far from obscuring the taste of the cheese, the aim is to enhance its organoleptic properties and create a flow of perfectly balanced olfactory and gustative sensations.

Just for cheese elaborates these gift box cheese pairings using fruits, dried fruits, nuts and spices, ingredients that are specially selected by origin and that it searches for throughout the 5 continents.

This little cheese pairing box contains the following 3 cheese pairings ( 3 units inside the box, 30 g each jar):

-BLACK FIGS WITH AUSTRALIA MACADAMIA NUTS WITH JAMAICAN ALLSPICES: The density of ripe figs, with just the right amount of sugar to avoid an overpowering sweetness, combines perfectly with blue cheeses, Added to this is the lightly roasted touch of macadamia nuts, with a smooth, moist creaminess, and finally the spicy contrast of Jamaican allspice, which, far from separating the combination of flavors, acts as a link, bringing together all these lingering tastes. For …BLUE CHEESE: Roquefort, Gorgonzola, Stilton, Valdeón, Cabrales, Bleu d’Auvergne …

-GOLDEN APPLE CARAMELIZED WITH TENDER PISTACHIO FROM TURKEY AND AND SRI LANKA CINNAMON: We have created a sweet sauce reminiscent of baked apples that onfidently stands up to a cured cheese without overpowering the subtle aromas of a young cheese. To accompany these cheeses on the palate, we have caramelized the apple in small cubed and combined these with tender pistachios from Turkey and the ethereal aroma of cinnamon from Sri Lanka. For …HARD PASTE CHEESE : Parmesan, Gruyère, Manchego, Gouda, Idiazabal, Pecorino Romano …

-PEACHES AND APRICOTS WITH GOJI BERRIES AND GUATEMALAN CARDAMOM: We searched for two textures very similar to those of vineyard peaches and apricots, subtly sweet but highly aromatic. We broke up the orange color with the addition of Goji berries, which provide just the right touch of moisture with their Asiatic sweetness. The finishing touch is provided by the perfume of the Guatamalan cardamom, a Slow Food staple due to its incredibly powerful fragrance. For …SOFT RIPENED CHEESE: Brie, Camembert, Brillat-Savarin, Chaource, Saint-Marcellin …


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