Chips Bonilla a la vista – tin 250g

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  • Exquisite chips carefully selected for the perfect balance of sugars and starch. The potatoes are cooked in olive oil and have a light dusting of salt.
  • Ingredients: potatoes, olive oil and sea salt.
  • Quantity: 250gr
  • Packaging: tin
  • Origin: Spain
  • Store in a cool and dry place.


Bonilla a la vista chips, produced in Spain for over 80 years, are gourmet crisps for all occasions. Made from the finest potatoes cooked in cold pressed olive oil, slightly salted to perfection, and packaged in a unique 500g tin. These crisps turns most heads! Make a taste statement, and make a visual statement. The striking tin is perfect for parties, picnics, and all sorts of celebrations – it’s full to the brim and you can simply place on the table so that guests can help themselves.

Two specific varieties of the very best potatoes, grown naturally in the hills of Galicia in northern Spain make these wonderful crisps. They’re finely cut and cooked in extra virgin cold-pressed olive oil that’s carefully refined at 0.4 degrees. Each gourmet crisp is then hand-selected for perfection and lightly sea-salted before packing. They contain no artificial ingredients or preservatives.

This tasty natural product also comes with a charming history: in 1932, Salvador Bonilla visited fairs and festivals local to his home in Ferrol selling his churros and potato chips under the name Bonilla a la Vista. He took to his bike and distributed his wares cheekily handing them out in cafes. Come the 1960s, the family moved to A Coruña, (down the road) where their reputation grew. These days, under son Cesar Bonilla Vasquez, they’re a household name in northern Spain and are now just beginning to export exclusively in England through Riverside Lifestyle.

Bonilla Crisps remind us of our dream lifestyle where tastes and smells remind us of balmy days, where olive groves rustle in the wind, and fruit ripens in the sun and sea breeze. This family business has us imagining mother, father and assorted sons, daughters, friends and cousins all pitching in to make fresh, flavoursome food they can be proud of; food so good Riverside Lifestyle are delighted to share it with you and your own loved ones.

about the producer

The Bonilla a la Vista story starts in 1932 in Ferrol, Spain with Salvador Bonilla. Salvador and his family started travelling around Galicia with their market stand going to villages and small towns with their delicious chips and tasty churros.  Later, their fame spread  when the famous Guzzi Bonilla a la Vista motorbike started delivering Bonilla a la Vista crisps to the coffee bars in A Coruña, Galicia. From these humble beginnings Bonilla a la Vista chips have become sought after around the world.

Bonilla a la vista chips are always with you during your daily moments of enjoyment: after work with your friends, with some beers at the pub, during a youngster’s birthday celebration, when you sit in the sand and feel the sea breeze after a session of surfing… special and unique moments



Like a sailing boat needs the wind to dock in port, our crisps require the best raw materials, from top suppliers. These are the basis of Bonilla`s taste.


We always use olive oil to give our crisps their unique taste; as unique as the moments that are created around our crisps. The type of oil is important, but how it is used is also key: the Bonilla crisps are fried in pure and perfectly filter oil to avoid spots. Additionally, we use olive oil 100% national that we change regularly, to maintain flavour and quality.


Many years ploughing through the sea and decades of work and strong will have gone in to improve every single detail of our product and to surprise the lovers of Bonilla moment. The experience and dedication of our staff has led us to the tasty Bonilla crisps you know and love today.


Biting into our crisps and feeling the crunch is a Bonilla moment that has arisen from the work, effort and countless tests from our staff. Just as sailing at eleven knots is not the same as at twelve, the cut of our crisps is not random but perfectly calculated in order to give that unmistakable crunch. The cut of our crisps plays a vital role in the secret to their success.


A great team of staff and a good ship (factory) are essential elements to create the best Bonilla crisps. Generation after generation, Bonilla has been focused on offering the best crisps. In order to do so, technology and people should collaborate, from product selection to final packaging.

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    These are SOO GOOD! Thank you for making the order process so easy. I really appreciate the wonderful notes that came with my order. I’m coming back to buy more for sure!

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