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    • COFFEE SAMPLER BOX – Like a choice when it comes to coffee? This bestselling gift set features 9 of our favorites. From the rich and chocolatey to the sweet and fruity, there’s a brilliant brew to suit every mood, including single origins from India, South America, Africa and the Caribbean and a blend from Brazil and Indonesia. Each coffee is ground and ready for you to make your perfect cup. All perfectly packaged in boxes adorned with illustrations by Persephone Coelho.
    • 9 COFFEE VARIETIES – This gift set includes 3 Dark Roasts: Santos & Java, Monsoon Malabar, Sumatra – 2 Medium Roasts: San Agustin Colombia, Dominican Republic – 1 Medium-Dark Roast: Guatemala Elephant – 1 Light-Medium Roast: Mocha Djimmah – 2 Light Roasts: Ethiopia Yirgacheffe & Kenya Peaberry. All 100% ground Arabica coffee.
    • GROUND COFFEE – Our Coffees of the World box includes Omni grind, which is suitable for most brewing equipment and coffee machines. Each individually wrapped Box includes 4 cups of coffee. We recommend always storing your coffee in an airtight container. Ground coffee should be used within 2 weeks of opening to ensure optimum freshness. Enjoy hot, iced or cold brewed!
    • PERFECT GIFT – This Coffee of the World Gift Box is the perfect gift for any coffee lover! Our Coffee is made from 100% ground Arabica beans and includes roasts for everyone. Suitable for vegetarians and is vegan friendly.
    • WHITTARD OF CHELSEA – The Finest Tea, Coffee & Hot Chocolate Since 1886. Coffees of the world: an adventure in every cup. Crafted from the finest arabica beans – with a dash of imagination – we source our coffees from all corners of the globe. Expect exotic blends that challenge and excite, freshly ground if the occasion calls for it, with recommendations based on how a customer likes theirs, or preferred brewing method.

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  • Coffees of The World Gift Set

  • Start your day in Guatemala and end it in Sumatra with our Coffees of the world gift set.
  • Flavour: Our Coffees of the World Gift Set offers a different taste for every mood, from rich and chocolatey to the sweet and fruity.
  • The Perfect Gift: Offer a round-the-world experience from the comfort of home, with our Coffees of the World Gift Set packaged in. Suitable for vegans and vegetarians.
  • Contains: 9 x 66g Ground Coffee.
  • Since 1886: Whittard has a long history of selling high quality coffees. 
  • This worldwide coffee selection is ideal for anyone who likes to have a choice when it comes to coffee. Whittard have picked a few favourite single origin varieties from India, South America, Africa and the Caribbean, as well as a blend of coffee from Brazil and Indonesia.Ranging from rich to light roasts, from the dark and chocolatey to the sweet and fruity, there’s a different coffee to suit the mood, the food and the time of day.
  • Back in 1886, Whittard of Chelsea set out to buy only the finest coffees and teas, sourcing the highest quality blends from around the world. Well over a century later they are still keeping true to this promise, and that’s why we’re delighted to include these beautiful selection packs in our range, all filled with premium ground pure Arabica coffee for cafetières.
  • Take a trip around the world, not with passport and tickets but with cafetière and cup! Nine mild to strong ground coffees sourced from, or inspired by, different areas of the globe – and what fabulous wildlife-inspired boxes. 9 x 66g – Monsoon Malabar, Santos and Java, Sumatra, Guatemalan Elephant, Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, Pico Duarte, Colombian, Costa Rican and Mocha Djimmah.


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