Gluten free & organic Sorghum & Beetroot Casarecce


Exquisite gluten free & organic sorghum & beetroot casarecce.

Ingredients: Sorghum wheat*, powdered beetroot (5%), water

Quantity: 250gr

Packaging: paper bag

Origin: Italy

Suggested cooking time: 4-5 min

Store in a cool and dry place.

Eating organic is important, really important. when you eat organic food you support farmers who protect the land & grow food that is good for you and good for you and good for the earth.


Our organic & gluten free pasta made with Sorghum that  is an ancient grain with remarkable nutritional properties and PASTA NATURA introduces it mixed with beetroot, a superfood rich in flavour, colour and nutritional properties. That’s the origin of sorghum and beetroot pasta, good-looking, colourful, fragrant…Ready to be the protagonist on your table. Eating in a healthy and balanced way is a serious thing, but why not doing it playing with the colours of ingredients? Unleash your imagination and prepare charming dishes for people of all ages. Sorghum and beetroot  casarecce is naturally gluten free and can be the base for your vegetarian and vegan recipes.

Sorghum and beetroot pasta: the good of it

Gluten free & organic sorghum and beetroot casarecce has an intense and inviting red colour. This pasta is perfect when seasoned with seasonal vegetables or cheese-based creams. Its sweet flavour is really pleasant and you could decide to season it with just an extra virgin olive oil and cheese to prepare a nutritious and light recipe. Try it with tastier sauces for a new and amazing sensory experience.

Our pasta is produced with traditional methods to grant a perfect porosity and the right “al dente” texture. Pasta lovers know how important it is to taste it when it is “al dente” in order to appreciate all organoleptic properties of the product. Sorghum and beetroot pasta is so fragrant and flavourful that it deserves to be eaten with small bites.

Nutritional properties of sorghum and beetroot flour

If you find sorghum and beetroot casarecce irresistible because of its tasty look, you will be even more convinced to introduce it in your diet because of the rich nutritional properties it has. Why sorghum? Because it is a naturally gluten free ancient grain.

As a matter of fact, it is one of the first plant cultivated by man, neglected for years but now again a subject of interest because of its healthy properties. Sorghum was added to the range of PASTA NATURA for several reasons: it is tasty, naturally gluten free and allow to produce an excellent pasta. Sorghum is rich in nutritional properties and energy thanks to its intake of complex carbohydrates. Mixed with beetroot it provides vitamins, proteins and minerals. Eat good to feel good. Choose PASTA NATURA for your new diet.

Cooking tips

PASTA NATURA Gluten free & organic sorghum and beetroot casarecce deserves a special recipe. The secret is to choose quality ingredients and it is not necessary to delve into complicated recipes.

A suggested recipe is sorghum and beetroot pasta with robiola and pâté of Cailletier olives. Mix sauté shallots, robiola, a spoonful of olive pâté and water used to cook pasta to obtain a cream. Then add it to the pasta and taste. It is also possible to use asparagus and hemp seeds instead. Brown asparagus in a pan and add them to the pasta when they are still crunchy. Add hemp seeds in the end. The look and the taste of this recipe, that requires only few minutes to be cooked, will be amazing. For a tasty autumnal alternatives of this recipe, replace asparagus with pumpkin and hemp seeds with rosemary branches. It’s really easy to prepare delicious dishes with PASTA NATURA’s pasta

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