Gluten free & organic truffle pasta


  • Exquisite organic and gluten free truffle pasta (casarecce is the shape of pasta).
  • Ingredients: Organic corn flour, Organic rice flour, prepared truffles (natural flavor, carob, salt, summer truffles Tuber Aestivum).
  • Quantity: 250gr
  • Packaging: paper bag
  • Origin: Italy
  • Suggested cooking time: 4-5 min
  • Store in a cool and dry place.
  • Eating organic is important, really important. when you eat organic food you support farmers who protect the land & grow food that is good for you and good for the earth.



For a special first course, rich in aroma and flavour, choose PASTA NATURA’s organic and gluten free truffle pasta. You will not just offer a tasty dish to your guests, but also a healthy one. Truffle is rich in vitamins and minerals, it has antioxidant properties and helps to fight cellular ageing by contrasting the free radicals. Truffle is an excellent ally for your body’s health: PASTA NATURA chose to include this fantastic ingredient in its range of good and healthy pastas. Thanks to the artisanal processing, PASTA NATURA with truffles is rough, porous and retains an excellent consistency even after cooking. Its fragrance will inebriate your kitchen, let yourself be seduced.

The good of pasta with truffle
With the characteristic black truffle dark colour, PASTA NATURA’s truffle flour pasta is a real delicacy. Thanks to the skilful flour processing, the slow drying at low temperatures and the bronze drawing, we have created a pasta of excellent quality, with very good cooking properties and perfect for the sauces. As for the taste there are no words, good things must be tasted. Try it on special occasions, you will always want it on your table.

Truffle flour nutritional properties
PASTA NATURA’s truffle flour pasta is a speciality that your guests absolutely have to try. If you want a good dish, rich in proteins, low in fats, and cholesterol free, truffle flour pasta is ideal. Truffle is perfect for people who follow a diet low on calories. Moreover, truffle flour is naturally gluten free, so it’s perfect for celiac people. The beneficial properties of truffles are many: it’s a food rich in vitamins and minerals such as potassium, calcium and magnesium. It is rich in antioxidants, truffles help to contrast ageing and to fight free radicals. Truffle flour has elasticizing properties, it helps digestion and stimulates the kidneys. It isn’t good to ingest large truffle quantities only if you have liver problems.

Cooking tips
Many recipes can exalt PASTA NATURA’s truffle flour pasta. Even just truffle casarecce with a bit of good extra-virgin olive oil is a tasty and pleasant dish. The classic version of truffle pasta involves cooking your pasta in a pan with butter and serving it with a sprinkle of black pepper. For a true taste exaltation, to reach the pleasure peak, you can prepare it with mushrooms and sausage, with mascarpone and chestnuts, with game ragout or with a mushroom sauce. If these combinations seem too high in calories or if you want a light and delicious vegan dish, try truffle casarecce topped with a preparation of endive, black olives, pine nuts and raisins.

PASTA NATURA’s GLUTEN-FREE pasta with truffle flour is also ORGANIC and certified VEGAN OK.

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