Italian Genoese Pesto sauce 130g – CASCINA SAN CASSIANO


Tasty & gourmet Genoese Italian pesto sauce.

All-natural, non-GMO,  Gluten free

Ingredients: Basil paste (basil, sunflower seed oil, salt), olive oil, cashew- nuts, grated hard cheese (milk, rennet, bacterial culture, salt), Pecorino cheese (sheep milk, rennet, bacterial culture, salt), cream in powder, salt, pine-nuts, garlic, lactic acid. Contains: cashew-nuts, milk, pine nuts.

May contain: egg, milk, fish, soy, mustard and tree nuts.

Quantity: 130 g

Container: Glass jar

Origin: Italy

Without additives, colouring agents or preservatives

Ideal for… Pasta and pizza seasoning



Our Italian Genoese Pesto sauce 130g – CASCINA SAN CASSIANO is made with Italian pine nuts, crushed garlic, coarse salt, basil leaves, and Pecorino cheese, blended with olive oil, there is no ingredient more authentically Italian than this.

Pairing flawlessly with our pastas as a sauce or to be used in a salad or pizza toppings, there are few ingredients more versatile in European cooking.

A native of Genoa, Italy, each jar tells the story of hundreds of years of Genoan tradition, where culinary tradition has sustained families across generations and continues to this day.

A perfect addition to a platter for entertaining guests, or to create the perfect meal for two, this is an essential addition to your pantry.

Use our Genoese Pesto sauce 130g – CASCINA SAN CASSIANO on your favourite pasta, on cooked veggies, over cooked chicken with fresh mozzarella, or even to top your homemade gourmet pizza. This beautiful & delicious Italian Genoese Pesto Sauce is perfect for stocking up and even makes an incredible gift for the favourite foodie in your life!

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