• KISSA MATCHA TEA TO GO STICKS are finest Matcha delight in a convenient packaging. The Sticks are a combination of superfood, lifestyle and culinary pleasure. The high-quality packaging reflects the quality of the product. Matcha Tea To Go Sticks are very convenient, easy to open and can be used on the go.
  • Ingredients: 100% Japanese Organic Matcha green tea
  • Quantity: 10g (5x2g)
  • Container: carton box
  • Origin: Japan, Kagoshima Prefecture located on the island Kyûshû, Japan
  • Without additives, colouring agents or preservatives

TASTE: Intense

Perfect for: Matcha newbies and Matcha lovers, on to go

Characteristics: Tastes particularly good in combination with fruit juices (e.g. orange juice)


Option 1: Whisk 2 g of Matcha with 160-200 ml of hot water (80°C)                                   

Option 2: Add one Matcha stick portion in a 500 ml bottle of water or juice (e.g. orange juice) and shake.


Know a bit more of our MATCHA TEA TO GO STICKS – KISSA!!

MATCHA TEA TO GO STICKS – KISSA are a fabulous option in an ultra-comfortable format to take wherever you want. It is a combination of superfood, lifestyle and culinary ally. They are comfortable to wear and easy to open. Matcha Tea is the most precious and rare of Japanese teas. Kissa Matcha Secret of the Supermodels will help you bring out all your beauty and seduce you with just a sip. The high-quality packaging is a reflection of the excellent quality of the product.

Everyone who wants to buy a Bio Matcha tea that is radiantly beautiful will be delighted by the KISSA MATCHA TEA TO GO STICKS. The taste of our beauty miracle is sweet-fruity and seduces you at the first sip from the matchaschale. KISSA MATCHA TEA TO GO STICKS is the secret of the catwalk beauty and all who want to enchant themselves beyond the catwalk. You want to buy a Matcha tea that pampers your body and helps you to keep you beautiful and feel great – KISSA MATCHA TEA TO GO STICKS is your beauty tea. Decide to buy this Bio Matcha tea and let them kiss you lovingly. Ideal for photoshooting, workout, beauty day and days when you just want to look stunning. Every day. For supermodels and true beauties.



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