White chocolate fig bombon “Sykos Blanc” – 10 units


  • A great combination between dried figs “Calabacita”, almonds praline and Belgian white chocolate . The best and most famous traditional fig bombón of Extremadura.
  • Ingredients: Dried figs (50%), chocolate coating (35%) (Cocoa paste, sugar, cocoa butter, emulsifier: soy lecithin and natural vanilla flavor) and truffle filling (15%) (sugar, pasta cocoa, cocoa butter, whole milk powder (3%), liquor (cointreau 3%), soy lecithin and vanilla flavor).
  • May contain: milk, sesame, soy, nuts.
  • Quantity: box of 10 units
  • Container: cardboard box
  • Origin: Spain
  • Store in a cool, dry place.


This box contains 10 units of figs covered with white chocolate and filled with hazelnut cream. These are carefully created by master chocolatiers, Bombones Valcorchero and they use only top quality ingredients.

They select the figs meticulously and by hand so that they chocolates are unique. Sykos Blanc chocolates are gourmet fig chocolates filled with hazelnut cream and covered with a thin layer of white chocolate.

You will enjoy the true pleasure of a natural product covered with white chocolate, it’s a delicious experience.

“Only suitable for the most demanding palates”

Discover the inspiration of a Master Chocolatier in these small creations of fig chocolates, filled with an exquisite and authentic hazelnut cream and covered with a thin layer of chocolate.
The fig is a fruit of the Moraceae family, known since ancient times throughout the Mediterranean basin. According to legend, it was the god Saturn who discovered it and the Hellenes ate it in his honor during the annual celebrations of Saturnalia. For the philosopher Plato and his disciples, figs were the favorite delicacy, which is why they were called the “food of the philosophers”. Galen, one of the fathers of medicine, said that figs were the staple food for athletes participating in the Olympics, and the great Hippocrates recommended them in acute feverish states. The ripe fig is very digestive because it contains a special substance called cradin and is an excellent tonic for people who make physical or intellectual efforts. Therefore, figs are recommended for children, adolescents and young people, athletes, intellectuals and pregnant women.

At Bombones Valcorchero they work with a selection of the best raw materials and an exquisite and careful artisan production process, where they obtain our SYKOS COLLECTION as a result, whose flavor, presentation and innovation surprise the most demanding palate. An inspiration for the senses that you cannot miss.

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