Organic bitter orange extra jam


  • Delicious organic bitter orange extra jam made with 55% fruit.
  • Hand made in an artisanal way, and preserving the real fruit pieces so you will be able to surrender to its unique texture, scent and taste.
  • Ingredients: Organic bitter oranges from Seville at their optimal ripeness. Every 100g of this delicious extra jam contains 55g of fresh fruit allowing us to make the most out of the natural sugar contained in the fruit, and only needing to add an exact amount of organic superior quality sugar cane.  100% natural, hand made in an artisanal and FREE FROM COLORINGS AND PRESERVATIVES.
  • Quantity: 305 g
  • Packaging: glass jar
  • Origin: Spain
  • Eating organic is important, really important. when you eat organic food you support farmers who protect the land & grow food that is good for you and good for the earth.
  • CAUTIONS: If you want to perceive the aroma of orange blossom, feel, see, smell and taste, use your spoon to go through a jar of bitter orange and experience a magical and extraordinary moment in each boat… What are you waiting for?
  • Colour and appearance: Perfumed and flavouring, with a very bright orange hue and colour, it is presented with strips, made with all its peel and pulp formed by slices full of juice.
  • EU Organic
    Organic product Certified



Gold Medal Awarded at the World’s Original Marmalade Awards 2017 “The World’s Original Marmalade Awards” British Citrus Marmalade Festival and Contest.

Exuberant and perfumed citrus jam made from the fleshy fruit of the bitter orange tree. Also known as sour orange, Andalusian orange or Seville orange.

The orange tree of Seville (or bigarade) of the Mediterranean Region is very appreciated all over the world. With a high pectin content and with its more or less hardened coating, as well as its juicy pulp, we present our variety of bitter orange. It also contains a lot of vitamin C and its juice is a dietary supplement that helps control obesity by being an appetite suppressant.

You’ll appreciate its vibrant and intense flavor when you combine it with both sweet and salty dishes: canapés, cheeses, breadcrumbs filled with bitter orange, chocolate, homemade bread and a drip of extra virgin olive oil… There are so many combinations!

Handmade extra jam 100% natural, FREE FROM COLOURINGS AND PRESERVATIVES.

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