Organic and fair trade cacao powder


  • Organic and Fair trade cacao powder from Peru.
  • Ingredients: Organic raw criollo cacao powder
  • Drained net weight:150 g  
  • Packaging: paper bag
  • Origin: Peru
  • Store in a cool and dry place.

  • The Small Producers‘ Symbol, SPP, is a label that represents an alliance among organized small producers to build a local and global market that values the identity and the economic, social, cultural and ecological contributions of products from Small Producers‘ Organizations.
  • Eating organic is important, really important. when you eat organic food you support farmers who protect the land & grow food that is good for you and good for the earth.

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Premium Certified Organic and fair trade Cacao powder Oro de los andes imported directly from Peru from small, Fair Trade farms. The high-quality Creole variety, know for it’s taste and wetness.

These organic and fair trade cacao powder are from Peru, they are Fair Trade and Certified Organic Criollo Cacao.

The flavors are light and delicate. Mild is the official chocolate term. There are also fruits galore.

Why Buy 100% Organic Peruvian Cacao powder?

100% Organic and fair trade Peruvian Cacao powder is considered such an indulgence it has won the accolade: Food of the Gods.

Grown deep in the Peruvian Rainforest, the Peruvian Criollo cacao powder from which this 100% organic powder is produced is an heirloom variety,which means the strain has been around for thousands of years it makes fantastically rich and full bodied chocolate that can be used in cooking and baking as well as being drunk.

Certified for use by Vegans and Vegetarians, it also boasts some very impressive health benefits.

Containing a variety of antioxidants and minerals, it plays an active part in:

  • improving the health of our hearts,
  • helping reduce blood pressure
  • enhancing digestion
  • promoting feelings of well-being.

Cacao benefits every one of our body’s functions. All its compounds lengthen our lives.

It is the highest source of chromium and magnesium of any food That’s important because magnesium is the most deficient mineral in the human race cacao is also high in iron.With cacao being the highest plant based form of iron available!

They are also free from dairy, gluten, genetically modified ingredients, soya and lactose.

Cacao powder have a high degree of dietary fibre. As a source of flavonoids they may have positive effects on the function of our coronary arteries, our sensitivity to insulin and blood clotting,

Organic and fair trade Peruvian Cacao powder is a straightforward, natural product, produced by grinding the raw cacao bean into a chocolate and then the chocolate is air dried to encourage the formation of a type 6 crystal, once this has formed the chocolate is then crushed and pulverized into a powder ,retaining the maximum nutritional value

Health Benefits

By using 100% Organic and fair trade Peruvian Cacao powder you will:

  • Boost your stamina, endurance and energy
  • Burn more calories
  • Support your brain function, helping you remain focused
  • Enhance your mood
  • Boost your heart’s health
  • Improve your immune system.

Acquire the Epically Rare Criollo Cacao for Your Complete Enjoyment

Dare to use this delightfully rare ingredient as your main flavor profile or pair it with your favorite fruits, nuts and more to elevate your culinary experience. Add Criollo cacao to your shopping list today to enjoy this awesome ingredient, also available in nibs, check it out!


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