Organic fig extra jam – made with 85% fruit


Delicious organic fig extra jam made with 85% organic figs.

* This jam contains 40% less sugar than the traditional market jams.

Handcrafted with renewable energy sources.



Ingredients: Figs 85%*, cane sugar*, lemon juice*, agar-agar*. Does not contain allergens.

Quantity: 305 g

Packaging: Extra-flint quality screen-printed glass jar.

Storage: Preferably in a cool, dry place away from light. Once opened keep cooled.

Suggestions for consumption/pairing: It can accompany all kinds of cheeses, especially with plant-based cheeses made from nuts, boletus pâté, siitake pâté or truffle.

Origin: Spain

Eating organic is important, really important. when you eat organic food you support farmers who protect the land & grow food that is good for you and good for the earth.

CAUTIONS: Do not expose the open jar more than 5 minutes to greedy and gluttonous friends!

Colour and appearance: Wonderful natural orange color with small pieces of peaches.

  • EU Organic
    Organic product Certified



This delicious organic fig extra jam made with 85% fruit enhances the natural fragrance and flavor of the figs. Hand made in an artisanal way and preserving the real fruit pieces so you will be able to surrender to its unique texture, scent and taste. Exquisite if consumed as it is, but also as a valuable ingredient for your salted and sweet courses.

They are made with lots of love by Lorusso, family business located in Andalusia (Spain) specialized in the production of high quality organic jams

Whole figs at their optimal ripeness.
Every 100g of this delicious extra jam contains 85g of fresh fruit allowing us to make the most out of the natural sugar contained in the fruit, and only needing to add an exact amount of ecologic superior quality sugar cane.

Our Extra Jams are 100% natural, hand made in an artisanal and FREE FROM COLORINGS AND PRESERVATIVES.

CAUTIONS: Do not expose the open jar more than 5 minutes to greedy and gluttonous friends.

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