Gluten-free & organic red lentil fusilli


  • Exquisite organic and gluten free red lentil pasta.
  • Ingredients: Organic red lentil flour
  • Quantity: 250gr
  • Packaging: paper bag
  • Origin: Italy
  • Suggested cooking time: 4-5 min
  • Store in a cool and dry place.
  • Eating organic is important, really important. when you eat organic food you support farmers who protect the land & grow food that is good for you and good for the earth.



Gluten-free & organic red lentil fusilli brings joy to your table thanks to its beautiful and vivid colour between orange and red. It will surely attract children’s attention, so you can prepare for them a nutritious and healthy first course, with a balanced nutritional intake.

Proteins are essential for their growth; vegetable proteins have the advantage of not containing cholesterol. Pasta with red lentils flour is therefore perfect for the nutrition of anybody practicing sport, as they need a higher daily proteins intake. Naturally gluten-free, red lentils flour pasta is also suitable for celiac people. Rough and porous, PASTA NATURA will transform every recipe into a gourmet dish.

The good of pasta with red lentils flour
PASTA NATURA’s red lentils flour pasta will bring joy to your table and whet your guests’ appetite, even the youngest ones.

The beautiful orange red colour makes it possible to create dishes with a lively and delicious appearance. Red lentils’ taste is delicate, so it goes well with any condiment. Red lentil flour pasta is rough and porous and retains well the sauce; it also remains firm to the bite after cooking. With PASTA NATURA you will get a good dish of “pasta al dente”, healthy and genuine.

Red lentils flour nutritional properties
PASTA NATURA’s red lentils flour pasta is a colourful, nice and tasty source of proteins. Naturally gluten free, it is suitable for people suffering from a celiac disease who have to pay attention to gluten in their diet, but also for people trying to eat in a healthier and more balanced way.

Proteins of vegetable origin perform the same functions as proteins of animal origin with the advantage of not aggravating the cholesterol level. Red lentil flour pasta is an important fibres source, so it’s easy to digest because it helps the regular functioning of the intestine. Particularly suitable for the nutrition of anybody practicing sports, pasta with lentil flour is a very nutritious and balanced food.

The red colour makes it possible to create dishes with an intense and delicious look, able to whet the children’s appetite, even if they are often reluctant to try new recipes.

Cooking tips
Red lentils flour pasta is the type of pasta with the most delicate taste among all the pasta types based on vegetables flours. If you add a bay leaf in the pasta cooking water, you will add fragrance to it and it will be more digestible. A good PASTA NATURA vegan dish with red lentils flour pasta is prepared with asparagus tips and mashed broads beans.

In addition, choose a high quality extra virgin olive oil. If you opt for a vegetable sauce select particular spices such as curry, turmeric and cumin seeds, you will give an oriental flavour to your dish. An energizing recipe for a one-course meal includes red lentils flour fusilli with chicory, roasted peppers and black olives.

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