Vegan and artisan tomato crackers


Artisan crackers handmade with natural tomato and extra virgin olive oil. Selected ingredients for an exclusive limited edition of crackers.

  • Ingredients: Wheat flour, extra virgin olive oil (10%), tomato (5%), salt
  • Contains: Wheat
  • May contain: Traces of mustard
  • Quantity: 130 g
  • Container: carton box. Eco-friendly Packaging
    • Biodegradable plastic
    • Biodegradable/recyclable inner cardboard sleeve
    • Recyclable outer box
  • Origin: Spain
  • without additives, colouring agents or preservatives
  • Ideal pairing with soft cheeses such as mozzarella, brie, camembert, etc …pair with all kinds of Iberian, Italian sausage and antipasto. They are also a pleasure to drink accompanied a good wine and the best company.


Vegan and artisan tomato crackers made with plenty of love in a little bakers shop in Barcelona. They are made by a team that values traditions and quality products.

These Vegan and artisan tomato crackers are made with extra virgin olive oil Arbequina and freshly harvested fresh dill.

They are ideal for serving with your aperitifs and some good cheese, with smoked fish or your favourite meats.

Give your next cheese board an unexpected pop of personality with these beautiful and delicate crackers from Paul and Pippa!

Paul and Pippa of Barcelona

Is a small and innovative company fast becoming known for its fastidious attention to ingredient and product quality, as well as green packaging design.

Their line of artisan and vegan crackers are made in small batches in Barcelona, in different flavours ( dill / basil / truffle / parmesan cheese & tomato ).

These delicate vegan and artisan crackers are crafted with high quality extra virgin olive oil, fresh herbs and unique flours.

Paul & Pippa vegan and artisan crackers

Are handmade with love in Spain.  The name comes from “Grandpa Paul” & “Grandma Pippa” who lovingly served up the best artisan and vegan crackers & biscuits.  In tribute to their passion & desire to bake with only the finest ingredients, the idea of Paul & Pippa crackers was born.

Today these crackers are made in a small bakery using traditional and artisanal methods, where quality is never overlooked.  We hope you enjoy eating these delicious dill crackers as much as Paul & Pippa enjoy making them!

Our delicious pairing ideas for our Paul and Pippa tomato crackers:

-Cream cheese, sprouts & tomato.

-Cheddar cheese & pear slices.

-Cream cheese, salmon and rocket.

-Ricotta, blueberries and honey.

-Peanut butter, banana and flaked almonds.

-Avocado, feta and tomato.

* Don’t judge Paul and Pippa products on their appearance because no two crackers are the same. That’s because the ingredients are 100% natural. Nature is quirky, and so are their products!




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